An Alternative-Integrative-Pet Health-Education TV Show Featuring some of the most renowned sought after experts in the pet industry and industry leaders. Interacting, sharing opinions, perspective's leading to controversy, laughter, even tears to keep the audience engaged. It will be organic, not scripted so you can see the real deal, including the elements of surprise.


The most respected, professional team of animal experts in the country has been assembled to provide pet information, stay up to date on current events and offer comprehensive, easy-to-implement advice.

Smart Pet Talk caters to all proud pet guardians of dogs, cats, or horses.

Causes of Health

with Dr. Barbara Royal

Episode 1

Welcome to the first enlightening episode of Smart Pet Talk, the go-to show for pet lovers seeking to understand and improve the well-being of their furry friends. In this episode, we're thrilled to have the renowned Dr. Barbara Royal, a leading expert in integrative veterinary medicine, join us to delve into the 'Causes of Health' in pets. Dr. Royal brings her vast experience and knowledge to the table, shedding light on how a holistic approach to pet care can prevent diseases and enhance the overall health of our pets. From nutrition and exercise to mental stimulation and preventive care, we cover the essential elements that contribute to a healthy and happy life for our animal companions.

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The Making of Jane Goodall at 90

with Dr. Marc Bekoff

Episode 2

In the video, Dr. Marc Bekoff discusses his connection with Jane Goodall and introduces his book, "The Making of Jane Goodall at 90." This unique compilation features tributes and photographs from across the globe, honoring Jane Goodall's 90th birthday with ninety heartfelt "candles." Contributions come from a diverse group including family, friends, researchers, former students, scientists, philosophers, activists, JGI colleagues, CEOs, and actors, all celebrating the remarkable life of this beloved woman. It reveals new tales of her pioneering work, from her first lecture in 1962, efforts in the Congo, to her love for animals ranging from dogs to dolphins and spiders, showcasing her sense of humor, adventures, and her ability to inspire hope everywhere she goes. These stories and images offer a closer look at the "real Jane," revealing surprises and lesser-known aspects of her life and legacy.

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